What is Understanding finance for business?

Understanding Finance for Business is a programme designed to maximise the success of London businesses in raising finance to support their growth ambitions. The programme gives hands-on support to companies in making informed choices about the type of finance they need, and gives tailored advice through seminars, workshops and one-on-one support to prepare themselves to present an attractive proposition for banks, business angels or venture capital investors.

The programme incorporates two streams of intensive support:

1) Gateway2Finance - for support to raise debt finance from banks and other institutions.

2) Gateway2Investment - for support to raise equity finance from business angels, venture capitalists and other investors.

The programme is delivered by a team of private sector experts and specialists, and funded by the London Development Agency and European Regional Development Fund.

Understanding Finance for Business is one of the products within the Solutions for Business suite of highly targeted, publicly funded products and services offering solutions to real business needs and tackling market failure.

Who is eligible?

The programme has been set up to help small and medium sized businesses in London access the funding they need to realise their potential. This means you must have fewer than 250 employees and less than £40 million in annual sales to be eligible. Qualifying businesses must also be located within the London boroughs.

The programme is open to companies across all sectors of the economy including:

  • Clean Technology (including Environmental Services, Sustainable Design, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency)
  • Consumer Goods
  • Healthcare (including Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology & Equipment, Biotech, Healthcare Services)
  • Media (including Music, Visual and Performing Arts, Publishing, Film, Radio & TV, New Media, Advertising, Games Development)
  • Leisure (including Hotels & Catering)
  • Support Services
  • ICT (including Telecommunications, Electronics, IT Software and Hardware)
  • Retail (including Online, Franchising, Wholesale Distribution)
  • Value Added Manufacturing (including Nanotechnology, New Materials)

How does the programme work?

The programme offers a package of tailored support for companies seeking funding including:

  • Understand your options
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current position
  • Work with us to test and refine your proposition
  • Identify the universe of potential funders for your business
  • Approach funders and
  • Receive ongoing support from the peer network and programme team

Not right for you?

Visit Business Link for independent advice and guidance on the best support for your business www.businesslink.gov.uk/london 0845 6000 787 (18001 BT Typetalk)

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